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Kit eGo-V v4 SLB with V-Core 2.0 Splitfire atomizer

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Kit eGo-V v4 SLB with V-Core 2.0 Splitfire atomizer.

Package contains:

  • SLB eGo-V v4 battery (Greenvaper) with variable voltage and variable wattage, adjustable;
  • Atomizer V-Core 2.0 Splitfire;
  • USB charging cable;
  • DC Tank cone.

SLB EGO-V V4 MEGA BATTERY 1300 mah with VV and VW and ohm meter:
The main upgrade feature is of course the Variable Wattage feature. There are also extra safety features added and improved wiring in the V4.
Main Features:

  • Variable Voltage: 3.0v to 6.0v in 0.1v increments.
  • Variable Wattage: 3.0w to 15.0w in 0.5w increments.
  • Easy OHM MeterON/OFF switching
  • Ohm checker ... screw on an atty and it reads the resistance automatically
  • USB Pass Through with cable.
  • Automatically shuts down when it requires recharge
  • 510/eGo Connection capability
  • OLED LCD screen
  • Short circuit or low resistance safety - unit will cut off power and display "LOR" on the LCD screen.
  • LCD Sleep mode - LCD will not display if either the "+" or "-" buttons are not pressed for 20 seconds - conserving battery life.

Operating the SLB Mega V4:

  • ON/OFF: Click the fire button 5 times within 3 seconds to toggle the unit on and off.
  • Ohm/Resistance Meter:Press and hold the "-" button about 2+ seconds and it will display the atomizer resistance.
  • SLB Button Lock: So that you don't accidentally press the buttons when carrying in your pocket or your purse or otherwise just using the unit you can press and hold both "+" and "-" buttons simultaneously for about 5 seconds and a small LOCK icon will appear indicating that your unit is LOCKED and the buttons are inactive and you can't accidentally change your wattage or voltage.
  • SWITCHING BETWEEN VARIABLE VOLTAGE AND VARIABLE WATTAGE: Press and hold the "+" button about 2+ seconds to toggle back and forth between voltage and wattage variable modes. I small "v" for variable voltage or a small "w" for variable wattage will appear on the screen.
  • CHANGING THE VOLTAGE/WATTAGE LEVELS: Press the "+" or "-" buttons to go up or down. The unit will "round robin" when it reaches the end on either extreme.

Dimension and Metrics:

  • Length: 141mm without cartomizer
  • Width: 17mm
  • 1300mah battery capacity
  • Maximum Current Output: 2.5AMP
  • Input: DC 5V 500mA
  • Charging Time: 3-4 hours. It is suggested to charge the unit when you are down to 1 bar on the charge level on the LCD screen, this will ensure longer battery life.

About Splitfire V-Core 2.0 atomizer:
The bottom of the tank holds up to 3ml of ejuice and is separated by the top air chamber by a metal plate with 4 drilled holes for the wicks. Each head has two ~2 cm wicks giving you four lead wicks that descend into the juice chamber for extra wicking.
Fully disassbembled you can replace both poly carbonate tanks and coil/wick heads. We have replacement coil/wicks available in 1.8 ohm and 2.4 ohm.
The replacement wick is shoe-lace tipped to allow easier insertion into the plate holes when replacing your wick!
It is recommended that you prime your wick above the metal plate and allow time for the wicks to fully soak before vaping.


  • 52mm without drip tip installed
  • 74mm In height with Drip tip installed
  • 20mm Diameter

To Use:

  • Fill the bottom chamer with 3ml of eJuice
  • Assemble the tank with wicks spread evenly
  • Remove the top cap and prime the wicks - 2-3 drops on each side - MAX!
  • Let fully wick for 5-10 minutes
  • Enjoy, and have your mind blown by the performance

To Re-wick (Important!):

  • Fully disassemble and clean your tank - tap water is just fine
  • Toss old wick assembly (I have no found an easy way to re-use the heads - yet)
  • Screw the atomizer head on to the top assembly
  • Easily (due to the shoelace tips), yet carefully - feed the 4 wicks AFTER the atomizer head is secured
  • Do your best to keep wicks "fluffed" before filling with a fresh tank.
  • Remove the top cap and prime the wicks - 2-3 drops on each side - MAX!
  • Size: 3ml
  • Color: Transparent Black, White transparent
  • Resistance: 2.4ohm and 1.8 ohm (additional 1.8ohm and 2.4ohm replacement atomizer heads / wicks are available separately).

Atomizer head for Splitfire atty cand be found here: Splitfire V-Core v2 coil.